Investing in the best performing asset class of the last 40 years: Historic, Classic, Modern Classic Road and Race Cars.


Solaris will invest in Ecotourism to help reduce the carbon footprint of one of the most polluting industries on the planet, while maintaining the highest quality experience for our clients.


A Crypto Currency fund utilising our own passive index of 360 Million chosen tokens and currencies.

Every investor into LDXAM funds will become a member of INSPIRA Digital Wealth Club. INSPIRA will offer access to an array of services from LDXAM and our partner companies.

INSPIRA is a wealth creation and management club providing services and products from LDXAM, LDXA and LDX Group, alongside our partners, all in digital format.

As a member of INSPIRA you will have access to LDXI, our internal digital currency providing discounts and rewards across all our associated businesses.

LDXI is a utility token that can be used for discounts, rewards and as a digital currency.

All members of INSPIRA Digital Wealth Club and users of products and services within the INSPIRA Digital Wealth Club will have the ability to generate LDXI, trade it on the INSPIRA private Digital Currency Exchange (LDCX) and use it as payment, achieving discounts.

LDCX is our private Crypto Currency Exchange for INSPIRA members only.

​The key principal behind the exchange is to provide a secure liquid and well run Crypto Currency Exchange. 

​Run by market professionals as though a fully regulated exchange, LDCX will ensure only high quality coins and participants are involved.